About Us

AZmax is part of the Azuma Group, which has been providing diverse chemical industry services to the Japanese market for over 50 years. AZmax was founded in 1995 to meet the growing demand for metal-organic materials and food analysis test kits.

AZmax’s robust product line expands each year with new and innovative products to meet the changing needs of the market. AZmax brings thousands of products from companies around the globe to the Japanese market. We have earned a solid reputation throughout Japan for the high quality, uniqueness and wide range of our products, as well as our customer-driven approach. The Japanese advanced technology market expects exceptionally high quality in the products it uses and for many, AZmax is the natural first choice.

Since the foundation of the company’s success is its customer-driven approach and its commitment to the highest standards of quality, AZmax staff goes to great lengths to ensure that the products we carry meet our customers’ high expectations. Although AZmax only deals in the products of other companies, we maintain our own facilities where staff performs rigorous quality management.

AZmax’s yearly sales total 600 billion yen or approximately $5.5 billion USD. Its diverse customers across various demographics and industries include everything from small businesses to government agencies in Japan and Asia.

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Products We Carry

Metal-Organic Compounds
Fluorine Compounds
Chiral Compounds
Organic Silicon Compounds
Organic Silicon Polymers
Test Kits
Ready to Use Media
Food and Water borne Pathogens
Mycotoxins and the other Natural Toxins (Phycotoxins, Algal Toxins, Bacterial Toxins, ・・・)
Food Allergens and Histamine
Genetically Modified Organisms
Residues (Antibiotics, Animal Hormones, Chemicals,・・・ )
Species Identification (Animals, Fish,・・・ )
Materials associated with BSE
Food Constituents, Nutrients and Additives
Plant Disease
Cosmetic Raw Materials
Food Additives
Food Enzymes
Stater Cultures for Dairy Products
Food Raw Materials, such as Grain Powder

Companies We Carry(Supply Sources)

ABCR, Agdia, r-Biopharm, DiaTek, DSM, ELISA Systems, ELISA Technologies, Gelest, Modern Waters, Neogen, Romer Labs, Scotia, and more.

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